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Watch Jeff Burnside's Investigative Report on Olympic Animal Sanctuary

“Sanctuary of Sorrow”

Several articles have been published since the claims of neglect were brought into the open in April 2013.   In our opinion, there has been a lot of finger pointing, accusations, denials and flat out lies made to the press, which has become evident from what the police report and other documents that have been released say.

Here are the links to each one that has been published.

After reading all the above articles, one has to ask, at what point is Steve Markwell held responsible?  He lives at the facility, takes in donations, continued to take in dogs (and the money attached to them), when he already had dogs living in crates.  Steve Markwell for many years, has promoted the facility as something it has never been.  Is the ex-volunteer/s, the investigative officer or the tax increase he talks of really to blame for the conditions of the facility and neglect of the dogs?

Who is responsible for this?

And who is to blame for allowing it to continue?


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       This photo was taken by Forks PD during their investigation                      

                       Lefty & Midas

Lefty had his tail torn off by another dog in 2012.  Midas has severe arthritis, which the cold, wet floor can be too comfortable for him.