The Dogs - The Victims


WARNING: Photos are graphic and can be disturbing to some.  Dogs are in horrific condition and living in filth at Olympic Animal Sanctuary.  Photos taken by Forks, Washington Police Department for evidence in police investigation, are noted.

New photos will be added as they are published to the Facebook page - OAS - life inside the sanctuary. 

Steve Markwell says things are "less than ideal" and blames the economy for dogs living like this, yet, they have taken in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the past few years.  Money that was donated for the care and well-being of the dogs.   

Does it look like Steve Markwell and Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) takes care of these dogs?


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This photo is proprietary.

                                  Ginger &  Lilly

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 Picked up as strays, Ginger and Lilly lived at OAS since 2007, and were never adopted out.  Ginger, sadly, died at OAS in 2013.  The status of her bonded friend, Lilly is unknown.        

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Sophie was sent to OAS in 2011. It is our understanding the rescue that sent her there has tried to get her back, but Steve Markwell is refusing her release.  Why? 



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Wolf-hybrids - arrived OAS Feb 2011 and have never left this room.  They have not been outside, they have not had exercise -- for almost three years, this has been their whole world.


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This photo was taken by the Forks police.


Juno is a Great Dane.  He lives in a dark, windowless room with two other dogs, Turk & Thor.   Juno is truly a "gentle giant".

This dog was rescued from a puppy mill in Kennewick, WA, in 2009.  From a puppy mill to this... The pink pile is raw meat that was tossed in on the waste-filled bedding.

Cameron was a puppy when he arrived at OAS in 2011. He was put in a crate to live since he arrived. 

                      This photo was taken by the Forks, WA Police Department.



Romeo has been living in a crate at OAS, since early 2011.  It is our understanding that several thousands of dollars were donated so he could have a kennel. This photo was taken almost two years after he arrived.  Photo by Forks PD.

Phoenix is a senior dog that suffers with arthritis. 

His bedding is a urine soaked straw pile. (Below)

This photo was taken by the Forks, WA Police Department.



Bear arrived to OAS in February 2012.  He died in January 2013.


Pixie - Before

going to OAS

Pixie lived almost two years in a boarded up kennel that, with the exception of a small opening in the wood on the kennel door, was completely boarded in. She now lives in a travel crate.

Pixie - November 2012photo by Forks PD

Pixie - June 2012 at OAS

Buddy - Before OAS - Feb. 2012

    Buddy - November 2012 at OAS

Buddy was sent to OAS in February 2012 by Warwick Valley Humane Society. In June 2013, he was returned with untreated ear infections so severe, the pus was dripping out of his ears and he had no balance.  WVHS destroyed Buddy.  Photo by Forks PD.

Dogs gone, but not forgotten:

Lexi                        Suki                    Ginger                 Barry

Malachai                Tesla                   Ruby                   Rocky                   

Doc                        Lucy                    Abby                   

Roscoe arrived to OAS in July 2012.  He only survived two weeks. 



February 2012 when picked up.            

Bunny - photo taken by Forks Police during their investigation in late 2012.

Photo taken by Forks Police Department during their investigation.

April 2012 at OAS

See video of Crockett's life in summer 2012

Crockett - From spinning in boredom to living in a travel crate.  (Where's his water?) Pet Project Foundation sent Crockett to OAS in 2011.  Photo taken by Forks PD during their investigation.

Crockett - Before going to OAS in November 2011

Sonny -

Before going to OAS- July 2012

Sonny had been rescued from a life on a chain only to be forced to live like this at OAS. Dogs Deserve Better have been trying to get Sonny out, but Steve Markwell is refusing to release the dog to the organization.Photo taken by Forks Police.

Sonny at OAS


Before OAS

Murdock at OAS

Murdock picked up from Warwick Valley Humane Society in February 2012 and after being hauled across the country in the back of a horse trailer by Steve Markwell, Murdock spent his time at OAS living in a travel crate.  He was returned to WVHS in June 2013, where an incident happened and he injured a volunteer.  Murdock was destroyed.  In our opinion, Murdock and the volunteer were victims of the "rehabilitation" OAS claims to give the dogs. Photo by Forks PD.

Eddie was born at OAS.  His sister, Rosie, and brother, Ralph have also been kept at OAS, and were never given the opportunity to live in a home environment.  Their mother, Abbey, was killed in a dog fight at OAS.


Darril & his brother Walter (in photo below) were picked up as strays and never adopted out, instead they were kept at OAS.

       Libby & Walter

Libby came from a very abusive situation.  Walter (and brother Darril's) story above.

April at OAS June 2012

April lives in a 5x5 kennel, gets no exercise and clearly, doesn't have fresh water.


After being rescued

from a dog fighter

and before OAS

February 2010

April used to be an active, happy dog that craved human attention. She lays unmoving in her kennel despite people standing nearby.

Photo taken by Forks PD.


                    November 2012

Princess & Max both arrived to OAS in 2011.  Princess came from Olympic Peninsula Humane Society; Max from a family that couldn't keep him.


Arrived to OAS in 2011 and was stuffed in a crate shortly after his arrival, where he lived until June 2013, which is when he was sent back to Warwick Valley Humane Society.  WVHS successfully adopted Bubba out into a forever home.


Bubba's living conditions inside OAS.



Before OAS

 Cream      May 2012 at OAS

Cream with his trainer prior to Warwick Valley Humane Society sending him to OAS in February 2012.

                  Cream at OAS Noveber 2012

Cream lived in a travel crate from the time he was loaded in the back of a horse trailer by Steve Markwell and driven across country, until was returned to WVHS in June 2013.  Cream has been adopted and is doing well.

Snaps came from a highly abusive situation, that ultimately landed him on death row.  Animal advocates from around the world rallied to save his lifeCould they have ever known this would be his life? Several of us have been around Snaps and have never found him to be anything but an affectionate, loving dog who thrives on human contact. 



Mario is a feral dog that was sent to OAS by ARNO. He was crated, loaded in the back of the horse trailer in February 2012 and driven across the country, never getting out of the crate for days.


Alex lived his life on the end of a chain before going to OAS to live in a travel crate. While we don't advocate tethering, at least Alex could move around and not have to sleep in his own waste.




Filthy, kennel, cold, wet concrete. Midas (right) is older with arthritis and it is our understanding that Lefty's (left) tail was torn off by another dog in 2012. Photo taken by Forks PD.
Caleb has been at OAS since December 2006. According to OAS archives, prior to being "rescued", Caleb had spent the first year or so of his life chained up behind a trailer with littler interaction with humans and none with other dogs. Photo taken by Forks PD.


Shirley(formerly Lana) is a Golden Retriever that was picked up from Warwick Valley Humane Society, NY--- in March 2009. Shirley is a happy, friendly girl, but she does display some resource guarding,. Shirley shared a kennel with "Bogart", for years, and during feeding times, would be placed in a crate to eat. She was moved to live in a travel crate 24/7. WVHS tried to get her back in June 2013 -- Marwell refused to release her. Photo taken by Forks PD. 




This is Clyde. Clyde was a six-week old puppy when he arrived to Olympic Animal Sanctuary in October 2007. Why was he never adopted out? Photo by Forks PD.


Chuck is a Red Heeler. Red Heelers demand a high level of physical and intellectual activity. They need activities that engage and challenge them and need lots of room to run. In our understanding, Chuck was put in a travel crate in early 2011, and pretty much spent 24/7 in that tiny, filthy confined world. It seems living years in a travel crate would be torture for such a highly active and intelligent dog.